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The Char Dham Yatra in Uttarakhand, India, stands as a revered pilgrimage that transcends time and space, weaving together spirituality, mythology, and the breathtaking natural beauty of the Indian Himalayas. Uttarakhand, often hailed as Dev Bhoomi or the Land of Gods, serves as the sacred abode where pilgrims embark on a transformative journey to seek blessings and solace amidst the purity of the Ganges and the sanctity of numerous divine manifestations.

The pilgrimage encompasses four ancient Hindu temples, each nestled in the serene lap of the Himalayas, offering a sanctuary for spiritual introspection and devotion. Yamunotri Temple, situated at an elevation of 3293 meters above sea level, pays homage to Goddess Yamuna. Here, the tranquil ambiance is complemented by the presence of revered hot water springs such as Janki Chatti and Surya Kund, believed to possess healing properties that rejuvenate both body and soul.

Gangotri Temple, perched at 3100 meters, reveres Goddess Ganga, whose sacred waters originate from the magnificent Gangotri Glacier. The pilgrimage to this site not only encompasses physical travel but also symbolizes a journey towards spiritual purity, mirroring the sacred flow of the river Ganga itself.

Kedarnath Temple, located at a lofty altitude of 3583 meters, stands as a testament to devotion towards Lord Shiva. Surrounded by the awe-inspiring peaks of the Himalayas, the temple beckons devotees on a soul-stirring trek, offering an opportunity for profound spiritual communion amidst the grandeur of nature.

Badrinath Temple, positioned at 3133 meters, holds profound significance in the veneration of Lord Vishnu. Encircled by natural hot water springs known as Tapt Kund and set against a backdrop of serene landscapes, the temple serves as a beacon of tranquility and spiritual solace.

While historical records may not provide concrete evidence of the temples’ origins, Hindu mythology intertwines these sites with ancient tales of sages and deities, reinforcing their timeless significance. Legends speak of Sage Asit Muni’s reverence for Yamunotri, Sage Bhagiratha’s penance at Gangotri, the Pandavas’ pilgrimage to Kedarnath after the Mahabharata war, and Lord Vishnu’s meditative presence at Badrinath.

Despite the lack of precise historical documentation, the cultural and spiritual resonance of the Char Dham pilgrimage endures through generations. Pilgrims from far and wide embark on this sacred journey, seeking divine blessings and inner peace amidst the majestic grandeur of the Himalayas, thus making it a pilgrimage of profound devotion and spiritual awakening that transcends mere physical travel.


Day 1 of our adventure begins at 2100 feet in Dehradun.

Day 1 of our adventure begins at 2100 feet in Dehradun and goes to Barkot at 4000 feet, with a beautiful side trip through Mussoorie at 6500 feet. We meet up with our Trekup India representative/driver at the agreed-upon meeting spot, and our trip officially begins. After getting into the car that has been assigned to us, we set out to explore Barkot.

We start our journey from the famous Rajpur Road in Dehradun, which takes us past the ancient Shiva temple. From there, we wind through the beautiful scenery of Mussoorie. While travelling, we are rewarded with breath-taking vistas of the famous Kempty Fall and the magnificent mountains of Queen Mussoorie.

Day 2:Drive to Janaki Chatti.

We get up early on Day 02 of our trip to eat a substantial breakfast at our lodging in Barkot and get ready for a full day of interesting activities. We start our tour with a picturesque drive to Janaki Chatti, which takes about 1.5 hours and covers around 35 kilometres.

After arriving in Janaki Chatti, we hike for 6 km to the holy site of Yumnotri, which is located at an elevation of 10,650 feet. At an extra fee, optional services like doli rides and horseback rides are offered for individuals who would like a more leisurely climb.

Upon reaching Yumnotri, we are greeted by the serene ambiance of the temple and the revitalising Surya Kund, an innate hot spring that offers guests the opportunity to indulge in a calming thermal experience.


Day 03: Barkot (4000 Ft) - Uttarkashi (3800 Ft) by surface covering approximately 85 kilometers, which will take around 3 to 4 hours.

After relishing a delightful breakfast at our Barkot lodging, we embark on our journey towards Gangotri. If time allows, we'll make a pit stop en route at the rejuvenating Gangnani Hot Spring. Continuing our drive, we traverse through the breathtaking Harsil valley en route to Gangotri.

Upon arrival at Gangotri, we partake in a sacred bath in the divine waters of the River Ganga, also known as Bhagirathi. Following this purifying ritual, we proceed to the Gangotri temple for Darshan and Pooja. Amidst the serene surroundings, we have some leisure time to soak in the spiritual ambiance before we head back to Uttarkashi.

Day 04: Uttarkashi (3800 Ft) - Gangotri (10320 Ft) - Uttarkashi (100 kilometers round trip)

After a leisurely breakfast at our accommodation in Uttarkashi, we set out for Gangotri. En route, we pause to visit the mystical Shiv Gufa in Mehargoan village, known for its naturally formed cave and Shivling.

Arriving in Gangotri, we immerse ourselves in the tranquil atmosphere, offering prayers at the revered Gangotri temple. Optionally, we can visit the Kashi Vishwanath Temple. After a spiritually enriching experience, we return to Uttarkashi, where the rest of the day is free for personal activities or relaxation.

Day 05: Uttarkashi (3800 Ft) - Guptkashi (4330 Ft) by surface, covering 200 kilometers in approximately 7 hours.

Following breakfast, we embark on a scenic journey to Guptkashi. En route, we are treated to mesmerizing views of the River Mandakini as it meanders its way from Kedarnath. Guptkashi, nestled in the Garhwal Himalayas, is renowned for its revered Vishwanath Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Day 06: Guptkashi (4330 Ft) - Sonprayag - Gaurikund by surface (30 kilometers) - Kedarnath (11750 Ft) by Trek (14 kilometers)

Today begins with an early start to beat the crowd, possibly commencing our journey as early as 2-3 am. From Guptkashi, Trekup India will transport us to the Sonprayag parking area, where we'll board local taxis to Gaurikund. The onward trek of 14-16 kilometers to Kedarnath Temple commences from Gaurikund. For those who prefer, optional modes of transportation such as Doli, Palki, or horses are available at an additional cost.

Upon reaching Kedarnath, a Trekup India representative assists with accommodation arrangements. If time permits, we have the opportunity to witness the evening Aarti Ceremony at the temple.


Day 07: Kedarnath - Gaurikund by Trek (approximately 14 kilometers) - Sari Village by surface (40 kilometers, approximately 2.5 hours)

This morning, we participate in the Aarti ceremony at Kedarnath Temple before trekking back to Gaurikund. From Gaurikund, we take local taxis to Sonprayag, ensuring arrival no later than 1300 hours. From Sonprayag, we proceed by vehicle to Sari Village, a quaint hamlet nestled amidst the Himalayas. Upon arrival, we check into our homestay and savor the homely cooked meals prepared by our gracious hosts.

Day 08: Sari Village - Garudganga/Joshimath by surface, covering approximately 130 kilometers in 5-6 hours.

After enjoying a delicious breakfast at our homestay, we embark on a scenic drive via Chopta, often referred to as mini-Switzerland. En route, we indulge in photography sessions amidst the captivating meadows adorned with Rhododendron trees and snow-capped peaks. We arrive at our destination by evening, checking into a cozy guest house for the night.

Day 09: Garudganga/Joshimath - Mana Village - Badrinath by surface, covering approximately 80 kilometers.

Following breakfast, we set out to explore the first Indian village, Mana, situated at the India-Tibet Border. Known for its unique beauty and cultural richness, Mana village offers a glimpse into the traditional lifestyle of its residents, the Bhatias. Afterward, we continue our journey to Badrinath, where we check into our hotel and explore the sacred town. The evening offers the opportunity to witness the Aarti ceremony and seek blessings at the Badrinath Temple.


Day 10: Badrinath - Rishikesh by surface, covering approximately 290 kilometers in 7-8 hours.

After participating in the morning Aarti ceremony at Badrinath Temple and breakfast at our accommodation, we embark on our journey to Rishikesh. Arriving in the evening, we conclude our memorable expedition, ensuring onward reservations are made accordingly.


The above itinerary is subject to change depending on weather conditions, group size, and other factors. It's always best to check with your trekking company for the most up-to-date itinerary and any changes. Additionally, it's important to ensure that you are physically fit and acclimatized before attempting the Char dham yatra , as it involves high altitudes and strenuous trekking.


Char Dham Yatra Map Hello Hikers



Things to Carry

Here is a list of the things you will need to pack if you are going on the Char Dham Yatra.

Backpack: Bring a sturdy backpack with a capacity of 40-50 liters.
Trekking Shoes: Pack good quality trekking shoes with ankle support and a strong grip.
Warm Clothes: Essential items include thermals, fleece jackets, down jackets, gloves, and woolen socks.
Rain Gear: Carry a raincoat or poncho to shield against rain and wind.
Headlamp or Torch: Bring a headlamp or torch with extra batteries for navigating in low-light conditions.
Water Bottles: Pack at least two water bottles, each with a capacity of 1 liter, to stay hydrated during the trek.

First Aid Kit: Bring a basic first aid kit containing medications for headaches, stomach upsets, and other common ailments.

Trekking Poles: Utilize trekking poles to enhance stability, support, and alleviate knee strain during descents.

Miscellaneous: Include a camera, power bank, and pocket knife for emergencies. Ensure to pack lightly and prioritize essentials to minimize unnecessary weight during the trek.

Be sure to pack minimally and prioritize essential items to avoid carrying unnecessary weight during the trek.


How to Reach

The Char Dham Yatra is situated in Uttarakhand, with the nearest city being Dehradun. You can access Dehradun by air, rail, or road. Once in Dehradun, you can hire a taxi or take a local bus to reach the starting point of the Char Dham Yatra.


By Air: The nearest airport to Dehradun is Jolly Grant Airport, located approximately 25 kilometers away. This airport offers frequent flights to major Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Ahmedabad. Upon arrival, travelers can opt to hire a taxi or use public transportation to reach Dehradun.

Train Travel: Dehradun Railway Station is well-connected and serves trains from various locations across the country. Trains from cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Varanasi, and Lucknow operate regularly to Dehradun. It’s advisable to book train tickets in advance, especially during peak seasons.

Traveling by Road: Bus Travel: Dehradun boasts good road connectivity to major cities and towns in North India. State-operated buses and private companies offer services to Dehradun from cities like Delhi, Chandigarh, Haridwar, Rishikesh, and others. Travelers have the option of choosing between regular buses or luxury coaches based on their preferences and budget.


Safety & Security

Here are essential safety guidelines to remember during the Char Dham Yatra:

  1. Ensure you carry a first-aid kit, including medicines for altitude sickness.
  2. Stay hydrated by drinking ample water and fluids throughout your journey.
  3. Listen to your body’s signals and take breaks as necessary to avoid exhaustion.
  4. Adhere to the guidance of your trekking guide and refrain from venturing out alone.
  5. Respect and honor the local culture and traditions prevalent in the region.

Cancellation Policy

We understand that planning an outdoor trip brings a lot of excitement and joy. However, we also know that cancellations can be disappointing. While Hello Hikers rarely cancels yatras due to our efficient ground operations, cancellations can happen due to unforeseen circumstances such as weather conditions, government regulations, or any other factors beyond our control. In such cases, the following cancellation policy will be applicable.
To ensure a hassle-free experience, we recommend making your booking at least two months in advance. If you do need to cancel your yatra, please inform us in writing. Cancellation charges will be effective from the date we receive written advice.

Our cancellation policy is as follows:

We have designed a cancellation policy that is fair, feasible, and convenient for all our customers. The procedure is as follows:

  • If you cancel your yatra 21 or more days before the start date, we will deduct 10% towards GST and transaction charges and refund 90% as a yatra voucher valid for 1 year.
  • If you cancel your yatra 15-20 days before the start date, we will deduct 30% towards GST, transaction, accommodation at base, ration, etc., and refund 70% as a yatra voucher valid for 1 year.
  • If you cancel your yatra 7-14 days before the start date, we will deduct 50% towards GST, transaction, accommodation at the base, ration, yatra leaders, permits, equipment, etc., and refund 50% as a yatra voucher that is valid for 1 year.
  • If you cancel your yatra 1-6 days before the start date, we will deduct 100% as all arrangements have been made, and we are ready to take you on the yatra.

We also have some terms and conditions for the yatra voucher:

  • The voucher will be valid for 12 months from the date of issuance.
  • The voucher can be used for any yatra with Hello Hikers.

Thank you for choosing Hello Hikers, and we hope to see you on our yatras soon!


What is the Char Dham Yatra in Uttarakhand?

The Char Dham Yatra is a pilgrimage to four sacred Hindu sites in Uttarakhand, namely Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath, and Badrinath.

When is the best time to undertake the Char Dham Yatra?

The Char Dham Yatra season usually starts from April/May and extends until October/November, with the best time being during the summer months to avoid heavy snowfall.

What are the modes of transportation available for the Char Dham Yatra?

The primary modes of transportation are by road, using buses, taxis, or private vehicles. Helicopter services are also available for certain destinations.

Are there accommodation options available along the Char Dham Yatra route?

Yes, there are various accommodation options ranging from guest houses, hotels, dharamshalas (rest houses), to campsites available along the route.

Is the Char Dham Yatra suitable for elderly or physically challenged individuals?

While the terrain can be challenging, there are options available such as pony rides, palanquins, or helicopter services to assist elderly or physically challenged individuals.

Are there medical facilities available along the Char Dham Yatra route?

Yes, there are medical facilities including hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies available in towns and villages along the route.

Are there any restrictions or permits required for the Char Dham Yatra?

Foreign nationals require permits for certain areas, and permits are also required for certain vehicles to enter protected areas.

Can I carry electronic devices and cameras during the Char Dham Yatra?

Yes, you can carry electronic devices and cameras, but it's advisable to protect them from weather conditions and ensure they are charged.

Are there facilities for food and water available along the Char Dham Yatra route?

Yes, there are restaurants, tea stalls, and shops selling food and water along the route, but it's advisable to carry some snacks and water as well.

What clothing and essentials should I pack for the Char Dham Yatra?

It's essential to pack warm clothing, rain gear, sturdy shoes, a first-aid kit, sunscreen, sunglasses, and personal toiletries for the journey.


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